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Chen Style Tai Ji Quan

Chen Style is the oldest of all the five major styles of Tai Ji Quan. All of the other styles can be traced back historically to have their root in the Chen Style. Chen Style comes from the Chen Family village, Chen Jia Guo of Henan Provence. Chen Style is further divided into the Old Frame and the New Frame. The New Frame was developed by Chen Fa Ke after he moved from Chen Village to Beijing. Chen Fa Ke’s son, Chen Zhao Kui taught extensively in Beijing, Shanghai, and took the New Frame back to Chen Village.

Chen Style photoChen Style is characterized by spiraling movements and sudden changes of speed. In the New Frame those spiraling movements are sometimes big and open, and at other times small and tight.

George Xu has studied Chen Style for many years with many different teachers. The particular version of the New Frame that he teaches comes from Ma Hong. Master Xu’s special skill is his ability to put all of the qualities that he has taken from all of the martial arts that he knows into his Tai Ji practice.

In that tradition, the Chen Style that I teach is the form which was taught to me by George Xu, but it has been heavily influenced by both the use of Intention guiding Energy inside and outside the body and all of the other concepts I have learned from Dr. Wang. In addition, when I practice Chen Style I feel the deep spirals that come from Master Qian’s Spiral Tai Ji and Xin Yi Liu He Quan.

I do not emphasize power the way Chen Style is often taught. I emphasize feeling relaxed and comfortable during practice. Power comes from being natural and having an open flow of energy directed by a relaxed mind. I currently only teach in private lessons.