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Brochure - Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

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The health of our body, our mind and Spirit depend on several things. First is a full, robust amount of Qi (life energy). That energy must be in a good balance with all of the energies in the whole system. In addition, our energy must be flow freely, free from blockages. Acupuncture works on each of these aspects of health.

The energy in our body flows through pathways like the water in a river. A healthy river has a good amount of water in it (neither too little nor an excessive flood) and that water flows freely, without obstructions. Just as boulders and fallen trees create rough white water in a river, obstructions in the body cause a roughness in the flow of our life energy that creates pain and illness.

Instead of a river, it might be easier to think of the Qi as water in a garden hose. If you put a kink in a garden hose, then pressure will build up on one side. That pressure is what causes physical symptoms such as aches and pains, swellings and so on. But on the other side of the kink there is not enough energy getting to where the body needs it to heal itself.

In acupuncture we have found that by stimulating certain points we can help the body work its own kinks out of its own hoses. There are particular combinations of acupuncture points for each individual condition. In this way it both relieves pain and helps the body heal itself. This is true whether the problem is acute or chronic pain from an injury, or a functional problem such as asthma, allergies, headaches, digestive problems, or problems relating to women’s health. Acupuncture works on mental and emotional issues such as stress and insomnia as well. Many people come for treatment to maintain good health, not just to fix a problem.

In an acupuncture session, we first diagnose the blockages and imbalances in the energy through feeling the pulse and looking at the tongue in addition to talking about your symptoms. Thin needles are placed in particular points to work those kinks out of your hoses and stimulate the energy to come to a better balance. You rest for about a half hour. Most people find this very relaxing. At the end I do a few minutes of energy work and therapeutic massage.

At every stage of the treatment, from the diagnosis to the choice of points, the stimulation of the points and the energy work at the end of the session, my experience with working with Qi through Qi Gong and the martial arts has made me a more sensitive and more effective acupuncturist.