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Brochure - Internal Martial Arts

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Arts, download a
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Bruce BoldonAbout Me

I have been a Licensed Acupuncturist since 1988. I also hold a Master’s Degree in East-West Psychology, and have over 25 years of experience in the Internal Martial Arts, with 3 ½ years of intensive training in China. In addition I hold a second degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kung Fu.

Healing sessions
integrate Acupuncture, Energy Healing, and therapeutic massage. Chinese herbal medicines are available as needed for an additional fee.

I am certified to teach in two major lineages by direct disciples of the grand masters of the lineage. One is the system of Yang Style Tai Ji Quan as taught by Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang. The other is Lu Song Gao’s “Six Harmony Xin Yi Quan” and Spiral Tai Ji as taught by Qian Zhao Hong.

Link to download brochure about AcupunctureClasses include:
Yang Style Tai Ji Quan, Xin Yi Liu He Quan, Qi Gong, Push Hands. Private lessons are available

Download a brochure about Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine by clicking on the picture at left. A brochure about Internal Martial Arts is available by clicking on the image in the right column.

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