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Photo of
Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang
with Bruce Boldon



My Teacher: Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang (王志祥)

Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang began studying martial arts when he was 13 years old. He started studying Shaolin, but got tired of it in just a few months and switched to Xin Yi Liu He Quan. For five years he studied Xin Yi, getting up every day at 4 am to make the one hour bike ride across the city to the park where his teacher taught.

Dr. Wang Zhi XiangFive years later he found Tai Ji Quan and began studying with Dong Bing. He studied both Xin Yi and Tai Ji for the next three years before he stopped practicing Xin Yi to concentrate on Tai Ji. He studied all aspects of Tai Ji seriously, including san shou (sparring). San shou practice included two against one, and three against one practice. Then one day he accidentally knocked out his cousin’s two front teeth. This made him rethink the martial arts. He decided that he should know how to hit people, but not actually fight. Soon after this he decided to go to university to study Chinese Medicine. His work unit agreed to send him to the University.

After having the opportunity to travel to Europe, Dr. Wang devoted himself full time to Tai Ji Practice. He would get up at 6:00 in the morning and practice for three hours before going to Cao Yang Park in Shanghai and pushing hands for two hours. Gradually he was becoming more popular to push hands with and he began to return to the park in the afternoon for more push hands practice. After dinner in the evenings he would do standing post practice until ten or eleven o’clock. This schedule continued for three years.

For eight years Dr. Wang studied Wu style Tai Ji Quan with Wang Hao Da who taught in Cao Yang park. Several evenings a week Dr. Wang would go to Wang Hao Da’s home to study with him privately.

In the spring of 1997 Dr. Wang began studying with Wang Zhuang Hong. Wang Zhuang Hong was a native of Shanghai, but had moved to Hong Kong. At that time he was coming to Shanghai twice a year to visit his mother. He stayed for two weeks each time. When Wang Zhuang Hong’s mother became ill he was worried about her because he could only visit for two weeks at a time. He asked Dr. Wang to look after her. Dr. Wang assured his teacher that he would. He said, “I will treat your mother as I would my own.”

Currently Dr. Wang spends several months a year teaching in Europe, and he visits Wang Zhuang Hong every year. The rest of the year he spends in Shanghai with his wife and young daughter. He researches the theories and principles of Tai Ji, studies philosophy and meditates. He teaches a group of his close friends out of his home.