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My Teacher, George Xu (Xu Guo Ming)

George Xu PhotoGeorge Xu was born and raised in Shanghai. In the turbulent times he experienced growing up in that city, he began to study the martial arts as a way of protecting the neighborhood from negative elements. In Shanghai he is known for his Lan Shou, which is a type of Shaolin Kung Fu, and for his Xin Yi. In the US and Europe he is more commonly known for his Chen Style Tai Chi and his Six Harmony Xin Yi.

What George brings to all of these styles is an awesome power. He has an incredible knowledge of the intricacies of each style, but the first impression that stays with you for years after meeting him is that incredible power which he can bring to any move.

Beyond this raw power, George’s deepest contribution to the development of the Internal Martial Arts in the West has been his habit of going to Shanghai and seeking out the best teachers he can find and bringing them to the US and Europe to teach. He has exposed his students in the west to many great Masters and encouraged them to teach openly.

I began studying with George Xu in 1994, driving 8 hours from Cedarville to meet with him once a month. Towards the end of 2002 I had a lesson with George and he suddenly had more information in one session than I had learned in the eight years I had been with him. I asked where this new flood of information had come from and he told me about Dr. Wang. However George said that he would not be able to bring Dr. Wang to the US because of the difficulty in getting a US visa.
So I asked George if he would be willing to write me a letter of introduction so that I might be able to go to Shanghai and meet this teacher. With a generosity that is so typical of George he said, “Sure, in fact I’m going to Shanghai next month. If you go I could introduce you to Dr. Wang and 22 other teachers.” I thought about it for a few seconds and committed to go for a six week trip.
That trip was so extraordinary that when I came home I began to make the arrangements to return to Shanghai for 3 ½ years. I feel a deep sense of thanks to George Xu for that generous act of introduction to both Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang and Qian Zhao Hong.