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At left, Photo of
Qian Zhao Hong
with Bruce Boldon



My Teacher, Qian Zhao Hong (钱兆鸿)

Qian Zhao Hong was born in 1947 in an area of Shanghai that was considered a ghetto for Chinese Muslims. This area was rich with martial artists of a very high level. He happened to live across the street from Lu Song Gao, a Hui Muslim from Henan who brought the art to Shanghai. Qian began his studies as a young boy and although he never took any single master as his only teacher, he has been recognized as one of Lu Song Gao’s disciples and a holder of Lu Song Gao’s lineage.

Photo Qian Zhao Hong with Bruce BoldonLu Song Gao died in 1961 Master Qian continued to work with Lu Song Gao’s other students both as a teacher and as friends. Master Qian studied with many different teachers. Most important among them was his Shui Jiao (Chinese wrestling) teacher, Zhou Fenggeng. Master Qian had dropped out of school at a young age and it was Zhou Fenggang who made sure that he was literate and taught him to be a good person. In addition he studied Tong Bei, Ba Gua, Wu Dan Qi Gong, and he studied Spiral Taiji from its creator, Chen Jizheng.

Master Qian has been teaching for more than 30 years and has taught many highly successful martial artists, including push hands national champions and a silver medalist in a national free fighting competition. Master Qian himself has won many challenges in both push hands and free fighting, yet he emphasizes that long life, good health and mental well being are much more important benefits of martial arts practice.

More on Master Qian can be found at Much of the site is in Chinese, but in the training blog there are some articles in English, including a more thorough biography.