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Swami Kntali Murugum Tayumanuvar

Born Larry Shippen, Swami Ty is a native of a small town in north-eastern California. His first spiritual teachers were his grandmother and her best friend, who was a half Chinese, half Paiute shaman.

When Swami left home to attend the University of San Francisco, he began to explore the spiritual teachings available in the city. He studied with a variety of spiritual teachers in those days, until he met Swami Subramunya.

Swami Tayumanuvar joined Subramunya’s order and studied with him for twelve years, residing in California; Virginia City, Nevada; Chicago, India, Sri Lanka, and Hawaii. Ultimately he left the order and returned home to attend to his elderly uncle.

Nowadays Swami Tayumanuvar teaches in several locations around Northern California and Southern Oregon. In his teachings Swami Tayumanuvar emphasizes the Advaita philosophy of South Indian Shaivism, however he goes far beyond that and can converse eloquently on a huge range of spiritual topics, typically relating any topic back to the deepest principles of Advaita. Advaita is a Sanskrit word which means “non-dual”.

Advaita negates the essence of all dualistic conceptions which is that there is a divide between the spiritual and the physical realms of experience. Advaita’s deepest experience is of a meditative absorbtion (samhadi) in which the meditator experiences only consciousness, not a consciousness of an object, any object, outside of the self; but only Consciousness as the Self.

Ultimately, I would say that Swami Tayumanuvar has essentially transcended the limiting concept of “religion” in his teaching, and simply acts as a catalyst to his student’s own path, whatever that may be.
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