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Wang Zhuang Hong
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Wang Zhuang Hong



My Teacher: Wang Zhuang Hong

Wang Zhuang Hong is a native of Shanghai. He studied Yang Style Tai Ji Quan with Dong Ying Jie and Zhu Gui Ting, two of Yang Cheng Fu’s top ten students. Yet he became most famous for his calligraphy and painting. It is said that even Chairman Mao collected Wang Zhuang Hong’s calligraphy.

In 1985, one of Wang Zhuang Hong’s students moved to Singapore. As he began teaching there his students praised his skill. The student’s answer was, “I’m not that good, but my teacher is really good.” So they arranged for Wang Zhuang Hong to visit Singapore in 1987. Master Wang gave a lecture in an amphitheatre to a large group of Tai Ji enthusiasts. After the lecture he was invited to one of the audience member’s home for further discussion of Tai Ji theory. The host complimented Wang Zhuang Hong on his lecture, but questioned whether he could really defeat people without using strength. Master Wang said “sure” and so they arranged a test.

The next day a group of Singapore’s Presidential bodyguards came over. Wang Zhuang Hong said that if they all agreed that he did not use any strength to defeat each of them, then he would teach them for a month for a fee, but if they felt he had used strength then he would teach them for free if they wanted him to. The end result was that everybody agreed that he had not used strength to defeat them. For a month Wang Zhuang Hong taught thirty some students in Singapore. Each student paid $100 USD a week. This was at a time when the average wage in Shanghai was 100 Chinese yuan per month, although Wang Zhuang Hong had his skills in calligraphy and painting that allowed him to earn 200 yuan per month.

His friends and students suggested that Wang Zhuang Hong shouldn’t go back to mainland China, but he didn’t know where he should emigrate to, so a friend took him on a tour of the world. When he came to the US, the famous author Nan Huai Jin gave him a tour of the country, including a trip to the White House and an audience with Ronald Reagan. President Reagan invited Wang Zhuang Hong to come to the US to teach Chinese culture to Americans, but Wang said that because he doesn’t speak any English, he felt that the language barrier would be too great.

And so he settled in Hong Kong, where he worked authenticating calligraphy and paintings for the museum and for private collectors. He still teaches for his Tai Ji students in Kowloon park.