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"I have been seeing Bruce for several years for treatment of chronic pain, allergies and eczema. I wanted to find a way of managing them without the potential side effects of traditional medication. Any questions about the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine I had was gone after my first session. I see him regularly, and can honestly say that doing so enables me to live a more productive and enjoyable life."
— Wendy Dier

"I have 15 years experience in martial arts. The "hard styles" have been easier to learn because they have been designed to be taught in a systematic way focusing on techniques which can be learned and practiced.  The internal martial arts however are much more difficult to learn, in part because of their complexity and the attention to a deep understanding of one's structure first and then moving on to physics of movement and integrating energy to move and generate power, and in part due to the misunderstandings in translations from Chinese to English.
Through the years I have worked with many excellent Masters and have learned from all of them, but Bruce Boldon has a unique quality and ability to teach internal martial arts. With his knowledge of the translations, he has cleared up many of my mis-understandings. He has also helped me find my particular areas of blocked energy and offered effective advice on how to release it. I look forward to my next opportunity to learn from him!"

— Tracy Henderson, Durango, CO

"For years now, my Kung Fu brothers and sisters have been hearing about concepts such as yi, shen, space power, nei chi/wai shi, whole body dan tien, and “sky root”. However, very few, if any of us have been able to progress into these advanced concepts of Tai Chi and put them into practice or use. All of those frustrations around this dynamic recently changed during my 2 ½ month visit to China, where I was introduced to Dr. Wang and Shirfu Qian Zhao Hong. My friend, Bruce Boldon did the introduction and the translating for both of these master's classes, neither of which could speak English. I learned an incredible amount of theory and methodology, which was all applicable, and I began to improve rapidly.

Furthermore, I recently had a chance to work and study from Bruce Boldon for five days upon his return to the USA. My understanding and practice has taken another quantum leap, thanks to Bruce's teaching skills, ability, and attitude. The process was fun, rewarding, and rejuvenated my practice and fascination with the art.

I highly recommend studying with Bruce. Bruce has been studying the arts for over twenty years, and spent 3 ½ years studying full time with Dr. Wang (Tai Chi) and Shirfu Qian Zhao Hong (Hsin Yi and Tai Chi) in Shanghai. Combined with Bruce's English language skills, his educational background (a Master's in East/West Psychology and a Certified Acupuncturist) and knowledge give him an asset no other Chinese Master has: the ability to communicate and teach this information to Westerners without language barriers and cultural misunderstandings. Bruce has the Tai Chi skills and the understanding of method and theory, plus an easy going, personable manner. Please, consider this opportunity to actually learn high level Tai Chi."
— Walter Capps